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Just what a summer

view across Booby's Bay with seapinks in the foreground


When I decided to start my own business in April, little did I know that I would be heading in to the best summer of my life!

It's been a busy few months for me getting everything up and running, website built, but still developing, with this blog being the latest addition. I can now start to take you on my photographic joinery's and share the fun, excitement or frustration, I get when I head out to take a photo, although I won't blog every time as I go out everyday and you might all get a tad bored!


But I think we can all agree that the weather has just been amazing, wall to wall blue sky and sunshine, record temperatures and plenty of time on the beach in between jobs. I hate to think how many photos I have take of late but there have been rather a lot. I'm always seeing something new, even if it's just the charge of the tide or the clouds, a different sunset, there is always an image waiting to be taken.

Clear waters

So welcome to the world of Kate Whis Photography and keep popping on to my website for more changes, the store will be coming soon, but in the mean time if you like any photos I post, I can have the made in to canvases or prints for you.

Padstow harbour

Look forward to blogging with you again soon.




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