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Guided Photography Walks

Join me for a guided photography walk on the beautiful North Cornwall coast.

Padstow is my home town and over the course of my life so far, I have gained a wealth of knowledge, love and enthusiasm for the area. I'm never without my camera in my hand and have captured this beautiful area in all weathers and times of year, let me show you how to get the best angles of the places I love.

Have you ever looked at a professional photographer's picture and then at the one you have taken of the same location, and wondered why theirs has the edge? Well, 9 times out of 10 it is down to the composition. Are they using leading lines, the rule of thirds, framing, depth of field, balance, contrast - if you’d moved 3 foot to your left or crouched down your whole image could change. These are the techniques I teach on my guided walks, I demystify and simplify composition, helping you see your images, take better pictures and show you the principles that you can use anywhere. Your holiday snaps will never look the same again.

A camera alone can not make a great photo. Imagination, creativity, inspiration and a connection with your surroundings are the tools you already have, even if you don’t realise. The composition is how you translate this into your photography. Your camera is just a tool, so it doesn’t matter if you have a smart phone, a point-and-shoot, or an expensive DSLR - I will help you capture the beauty of Padstow and the surrounding area. 

If you have a DSLR camera and would like to learn more about it as we walk, I can also help you get off of auto and help with your camera skills, I tailor each of my walks to my clients.

Being a local lass, Padstow, the surrounding area runs through my veins. As we walk I don’t just work with you on your composition and camera skills, I also give you a guided history of the places we pass and photograph, giving you a much more in-depth experience of the area.

If you would like to keep on working on your composition skills after the walk, I have a closed facebook group for my clients to join where I regularly post composition challenges. This is a great way to keep practising what you have learnt and carry on improving your photography.

All of my guided walks are circulars, so you always get to see something different, I mostly start in Padstow and the walks that I offer are,  Tregirls, TrevoneBedruthan StepsLittle PetherickStepper Point, RockTrevose Head


Trevose Head

Trevose Head with it's iconic lighthouse

Bedruthan Steps to Porth Mear

The dramatic rugged coastline at Bedruthan Steps

Padstow to Tregirls

The Camel Estuary to the golden sands of Tregirls


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Dogs Welcome

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