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Moody Sunrise

Moody sunrise at Tregirls

I had no intention of getting up early this morning to catch the sunrise, but as often happens I woke up at 5am and instead of snuggling back in to bed I thought I would get up and take a look out the window. So, put the kettle on, (can’t possibly leave the house before having a cup of tea),  but looking out the window, it’s really rather dark. I can see broken cloud, which could add some added drama. Camera gear all assembled, lee filters, tripod, camera with my 24 – 105 lens and was out the door with Red in tow. Driving to Tregirls it’s looking more cloudy than clear, this might not be the sunrise I was hoping for, at which point the heavens open and it starts pouring down! So I’m sat in the car park at Tregirls, wearing shorts, wellies and no coat, it is still August and I’m determined to keep in the summer mood, luckily the rain didn’t last long.

Moody sunrise at Tregirls

Red was out of the car like a shot, the beach was calling and he just can’t wait, I could see the sky lightening under a veil of cloud and was starting to think this could work, moody for sure, but as long as the sun could get underneath it would light up beautifully. The beach was empty, the tide on its way out, leaving the sand untouched behind. I felt a little bit of long expose on the waters edge was a good place to start.

Moody sunrise at Tregirls

Red was now getting bored as I wasn’t playing ball and started doing high speed circles around the tripod. As a model he’s fab, as photographer’s assistant he’s not so good, but it would be wrong to leave him behind!

Moody sunrise at Tregirls

The sky was colouring now and boy, was it moody, thought a change of location was needed so headed up into the dunes.

sunrise over Tregirls dunes

The sun had just found a hole in the cloud, unfortunately the lower cloud was so thick that it couldn’t get up high enough to really light up the sky, but I rather liked it all the same. The sun had a misty quality to it, so I zoomed in for a different feel.

Sunrise and rain

Rather liked this and spotted some taller grasses down to the side and so went for one of my favourites, sun behind any kind of plants.

moody sunrise through grass

As I was in the dunes, I saw the white of a bird flying across the dunes, I turned to look thinking it will just be a seagull, only to have a barn owl hunting along side me! Such a beautiful bird, so graceful, managed to have a quick camera adjustment and take a few pictures, if only I had my big zoom, but the owl was flying so close that I still managed to capture it. 

Barn owl

Sometimes when the bed is nice and warm and you just roll over, you don’t know what you are going to miss, I didn’t expect to see an owl so close and feel I have been totally rewarded today for getting up early.


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