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Client using her smart phone on my guided photography walk

Smart Phones At The Ready

Smart phones are just fantastic these days and my guided photography walks are perfect to enhance your photography skills with just your phone - and lets be honest they are always in our pocket, so you never have to miss that shot. 

Padstow Harbour
Client taking a picture of the view of the Camel Estuary

A camera alone can not make a great photo. Imagination, creativity, inspiration and a connection with your surroundings are the tools you already have, even if you don’t realise. The composition is how you translate this into your photography. Your camera is just a tool, so it doesn’t matter if you only have your smart phone with you.

When I take clients out who are using their smart phone, I leave my DSLR in it’s bag and only use my phone as well, so I can show them how it’s the composition that makes the photograph and not the camera. So when you’ve looked at a professional photographer's picture and then at the one you have taken of the same location, and wondered why theirs has the edge? Well, 9 times out of 10 it is down to the composition. Are they using leading lines, the rule of thirds, framing, depth of field, balance, contrast - if you’d moved 3 foot to your left or crouched down your whole image could change. These are the techniques I teach on my guided walks, I demystify and simplify composition, helping you see your images, take better pictures and show you the principles that you can use anywhere. Your holiday snaps will never look the same again.

Looking over Geroges Well, Padstow
Seapinks at Gun Point

The last smart phone walk I did with a lovely couple where amazed at how different their photos where coming out with just a little movement of the phone and positioning to change the image completely.

I also had them download an editing app and after each photo, we did a few edits to just enhance the photographs.

It was a perfect day for a walk, just the right about of cloud to make things interesting but not too much to hide the sun and make things dull.

We walked from Padstow out to Tregirls in a circular stopping very regularly to take pictures from different angles using different techniques.

View down the lane to Tregirls beach
barley field with black clouds behind

Bob and Sue left me totally enthused with what they had learned and were ready to put all the techniques into practice for the rest of their holiday.

If you fancy joining me with your smart phone for one of my guided photography walks, please click on the link  and choose which one you would like to do, I can also tailor a walk just for you.

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