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Surprise Engagement

As I was chilling in the garden on a lovely sunny Sunday late afternoon, after a day of gardening, my phone rang.

There was a slightly nervous and excited young man on the other end asking if I could come and do a photo shoot, in the next couple of hours as he was going to ask his girlfriend to marry him.

Now how can I say no to that!

With the soon to be Father-in-laws permission gained, Mike had a grand plan. I just needed to be hanging out on St George’s Well beach at 6.30 and Mike would ask me to take a group family photo with his camera, a quick camera change to mine and as the photos were being taken of Mike, his soon to be Fiancée Staci, both sets of parents and 4 dogs, Mike would pop the question.

So there I am hanging out on the beach, trying to not look like I’m waiting for anything, luckily Mike had sent me a picture of himself and his soon to be Father-in-law through, so I knew who to look out for.

The whole family are now on the beach, Mike is trying to round them all up for a family photo, I start to walk in their general direction, camera in hand like I’m just taking pictures of the view, so it doesn’t look that strange when Mike says to me, “excuse me, would you mine taking a picture of us please?”
Engagement group






I pop Mikes camera strap around my neck, snap the first on on his camera and then change to mine, as Mike bends down on one knee and asks Staci to marry him, Staci has no idea and the family all turn as she says yes, with tears in her eyes.


Lots of hugging and congratulating later, Mike had pulled off the perfect surprise proposal and it was all caught on camera.

I then had a mini photoshoot with them on the beach, so the magic moment in a beautiful location will be kept forever.

As with all pieces of big news you want to share it with everyone as soon as possible, so I headed back from the beach and started working on the phots straight away, sending Mike through a couple on email within an hour, and the rest were supplied on a UBS the following morning.

If you want me to capture that magic moment as it happens or celebrate your engagement with a photoshoot, please give me a call or drop me an email.






  1. Jayne

    Thank you so much Kate for capturing this special moment. Mike had been planning this surprise for months & the last minute decision to get you to take the photos made the day even more special. You were amazing.
    If you fancy a trip to the Cotswolds for the wedding shoot….

    • Katewhis

      Thank you Jayne, it was a privilege to be there and a trip to the Cotswolds for a wedding shoot would be awesome. It would be lovely to capture their wedding as well as their engagement.

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