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It’s Not Just For Dogs

My beach location dog photoshoots are not just for dogs!

I was asked in September if I could capture a lovely couple with their two gorgeous boys as they only have pictures of one of them with dogs at a time, and of course I was delighted to add them to the shoot.

After checking the forecast, which kept changing by the minute we decided to head out anyway and see what happened, we could always reschedule if it started to rain.

We met on the harbour and walked out to Tregirls, Pete and Kaye’s beach of choice, stopping as we went, catching lots of different shots before we even got to the beach!

As we walked along Pugwash and Fraggle who are both petit Bassett Griffon Vendeen and extremely handsome, totally relaxed with me, happy for me to be close and interact with them, gaining their trust. By the time we arrived at the beach, they were more than happy to respond to me and not at all bothered by the camera clicking away.


The same went for Pete and Kaye, we were busy chatting about all sorts while I snapped away, lots of natural shots and of course some arranged ones, getting everyone to look at the camera at the same time is always fun with multiple dogs!

But it all came together, as per usual I took far to many pictures and instead of the 20 images, I gave them over 70 digital images! I also like to do a mix of black and white and colour, but if it’s in black and white you get the colour version as well.

Kaye’s review

Had a fabulous morning on a long dog walk with Kate taking photos of our two hounds and us! We had none of the whole pack, getting two naughty dogs and two adults to all look at the camera is no mean feat! We’ve just seen the photos and are so impressed. Kate has captured each of us and our personalities perfectly. Pugs our oldest dog is very nervous but with patience Kate gained his trust and got some cracking shots of him looking straight at her. The whole experience was fun and a great way to spend a morning having a fab beach walk with our dogs with Kate snapping away, the results are so natural and just make me smile!

If you fancy a beach photoshoot, give me a shout, dogs or no dogs, its a fun couple of hours at the beach or any location you fancy.



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