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Photograph of stormy seas at Mother Ivey's Bay

Stormy Seas

Some days are bigger than others!

After a rather disturbed nights sleep due to the wind battering the bedroom window, I knew I was going to be in for a treat when I got down to the coast.

Mother Ivey's Bay was the beach of choice on Sunday morning and as we drove down Harlyn Hill you could already see the spray coming up over the quarry.

I was like a kid at Christmas, couldn't wait to get out the car!


Photograph of big waves at Mother Ivey's Bay
Big waves breaking into the bay at Mother Ivey's Bay
Waves breaking on the Cornwall Coast

The wind was really strong, blowing directly into the bay. The tide was high and waves where massive breaking up over the quarry at Mother Ivey's Bay.

Always one to not put my self in any danger (enjoying my life way to much) I made sure that I was safely anchored to the bench or near the hedge. The spray from the waves was a little challenging for photography, as soon as I'd take a picture the lens would need to be cleaned. I love taking photographs of the sea and big waves days are the best, so much drama and power to capture.


stormy sea
big waves breaking at Mother Ivey's Bay, Cornwall
stormy sea

I chose Mother Ivey's as there is quite often backwash wave from the quarry can be rather impressive and it was certainly on show on Sunday.

The beach was out of bounds as the tide was so high, but I did snap one from the path down, which gives you a little bit of an idea of how big it was! Concentrated on mainly photography from the cliffs and when the sun started to break through the clouds the water just came to life even more.

Stormy Sea
Stormy Sea
Stormy Sea

This little fellow was bobbing around in the surf, there where more sheltered spots to be found but he seemed rather happy in the surf.

The Lifeboat Station was also getting a battering, but the Merope Rocks where doing their natural job and keeping the worst of the weather off, luckily there where no call outs as I for one wouldn't have fancied being out at sea.

I had a very enjoyable Sunday morning with my camera, I will never tire of living close to the sea.


seal in the sea
Padstow Lifeboat Station
stormy sea

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